Scams and cons

MAJ portrait AvatarJust a quick final post for today to hopefully finish checking my blog site formatting!  One of my interests is researching the many scams and cons that abound in the “business opportunity” market place.  For this reason I have set up a web site to consider such business opportunity scams and compare these to business ideas that do work but only if you are prepared to put in hard work on a regular basis.

This web site will be completely separate from my fraud resources web site that is intended to describe the sort of work and fraud cases that I target on a day to day basis.  The trouble with scams and cons is that they tend to impact a large number of individuals or businesses for relatively small amounts of money.  As such their is often an apathy shown by the victims to do anything about their loss.  Who for instance is going to pay a certified fraud examiner several 1000 pound or dollars investigate a loss of a few 100s?  Yet 10,000 scams at £100 adds up to a million.

In my opinion a strong tool against scams or cons is to raise everybodies’ awareness – this is what my new business opportunity web site is about.

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