How to Promote a Fraud Investigation Service?

I decided that it was high time that I spent a day working from home and getting all those little jobs done that I have been putting off when working in the office. For one thing there is the little matter of writing a newsletter, updating my contacts list and getting the publication out. Fraud investigations simply do not just appear on the desk out of thin air.

While considering what was newsworthy I decided to review my web marketing efforts for my fraud investigation work. It seems that as a budding author there are so many opportunities to write about your work that it is difficult to know where best to start. Take for instance HubPages. I have written about fraud investigation here and believe it is a good forum for articles directed back to your business marketing site.

So we are back to marketing fraud investigation services using the Internet. If I am successful in doing this I believe that the knowledge picked up will also be an invaluable tool in my cybercrime investigations. The Internet is a unbelievably massive entity, and learning how to navigate properly through it is both an art and a science. Google, Yahoo and many others are familiar faces, representing massive amounts of financial activity – not only within their own businesses but those that interact with them to build their own (including mine). The potential for new and innovative frauds is immense.

Investigating these new frauds will not be easy, it will be daunting. However, armed with the knowledge of how the Internet works, how the various marketing activities are managed and how the financial interaction is organized will allow the basic concepts of “follow the money” to be adhered to in any fraud that needs investigating!

So when it comes to developing my fraud investigation services around the UK and much further afield using the Internet to reach many more victims of fraud that simply don’t want to turn to their usual, often expensive and inexperienced accountants to deal with the problem I will be mixing my circulated newsletters and face to face meetings with my network of contacts with a large measure of on line marketing!

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