How To Publish A Fraud Novel

Over twenty years ago I decided that I would like to write a novel that incorporated a complex and clever fraud. I started writing, adding a dozen or so pages every year.

Progress was slow, and it was difficult to decide how to develop a fraud based story. I was definately interested in the ins and outs of fraud, but would my readers feel the same? One of the things that I have come across during my years as a forensic accountant specialising in fraud is that most people are disinterested – complacent when it comes to fraud. It is the very reason why fraud thrives and why even the sensible get caught out.

So my money laundering scam turned into kidnapping, drug dealing and murder – a typical crime novel I suppose. When finished, it was duly shipped out to friends and family for feedback. I will always remember my mother’s surpised voice, “Its actually quite good…” I am not sure I am happy about her being surprised!!!!

A book about fraud ? More of a crime romp round the Mediterranean!

Anyhow, it’s on for pennies on Amazon so if you are looking for an easy to read fast paced holiday novel, please give it a go. If you do I would be more than grateful if you could leave me a review on Amazon!

I am well into the sequel, but things have moved on a few years now!! The “hero” is older and perhaps not wiser, but his daughter is the one to watch. The villain escapes from prison of course and is a worrying threat, but the intrigue comes from a technological breakthrough in communications that was meant to defend the realm from Putin’s threat but turns out to be an attractive acquisition for religeous zealots and eastern European money laundering gangs alike!

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