Hello 2010!

2010 opens with thick snow and ice. I was lucky as my trip to New York in the first week of the New Year went without hitch. Our flights and connections seemed to match the few windows in the weather and no delays were experienced. There was one small worry when blizzards started raging in York on New Year’s day – we were due to head over the Pennines at three o’clock the next morning and had visions of the M62 being impassable. Therefore late afternoon saw us rushing to pack and set off while the snow kept falling. We stayed the night in Manchester and had a comfortable flight!

Back to my desk after the break sees a number of cases to continue with in my fraud investigation portfolio and a couple of new inquiries via the Internet, one being from a police force economic crime unit and the other from a new firm of lawyers.

It seems that this year is heading off for a basket of criminal frauds and fraudulent trading – not much changes there then! It will be interesting to see if there are any pronouncements from the Legal Services Commission about their proposed cut backs in funding experts or will we all just experience a harder job getting our quotes agreed?  Without any cohesion amongst us forensic accountanst I can forsee many simply dropping their rates just to make sure they get the work. I am sure that the LSC will use market forces and the lack of perfect information to ensure that they get away with underfunding criminal cases.

A new investigation is kicking off into yet more bad business management and phoenixing of businesses. I guess that people like to make the money but hate to pay any of it back to the suppliers or tax man!

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