Asset recovery


Crime & Fraud Specialist Forensic Accountant Mark Jenner commenced trading as Mark Jenner & Co Limited after a career developing fraud and forensic investigation service lines within leading international accounting firms. As a forensic accountant and fraud specialist this generally … Read More

How To Publish A Fraud Novel

Over twenty years ago I decided that I would like to write a novel that incorporated a complex and clever fraud. I started writing, adding a dozen or so pages every year. Progress was slow, and it was difficult to … Read More


As forensic accountants we spend our time unpicking financial disputes in order to reach a satisfactory outcome. The question is why do the financial disputes arise and why do they sometimes take months or years to resolve? There is no … Read More

Hawala, How To Avoid Prison

Hawala is an overused term given to money transfer services outside the normal clutch of banking facilities – comprising well known names such as Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC. Hawala does however account for many £100 billions of money transfers around … Read More

Money Laundering And Asset Seizure Applications

How forensic accounting can moderate over-zealous asset seizure applications where the Crown is making assumptions of money laundering. There is little doubt that money transfer systems form a significant link in the UK’s £ multi-billion money laundering problem. This rises … Read More

University Fees: A Surprising New Fraud Hot Spot?

Over the years, our educational institutes have become a key part of the economy.  Various sources estimate that International students contribute over £20 billion to the UK economy.  According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies the foreign university fee income … Read More